The Artist's Way Mastermind is a 12-week course that¬†unlocks creativity and intuition¬†‚ÄĒ whether in art, at work, or in life.


At its core, The Artist Way unlocks more delight, curiosity, and creative inquiry in daily life, allowing you to be fully self-expressed and authentic in all areas of life. 


When our inner voice and creativity are "online" life starts to make a lot more sense.


Our next mastermind  starts on May 1st, 2024, meeting weekly on Wednesdays at 6pm pm PST

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   You are not an artist.

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Morning Pages, a practice introduced in Julia Cameron's book "The Artist's Way," involves writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing each morning, ideally as soon as you wake up.

Morning pages provoke, clarify, comfort, prioritize, and synchronize the day at hand. Clearing the mind, we discover creativity and intuition as our guide. As a moving meditation, as we move the pen across the page, we get to witness our feelings and wisdom that comes from the stillness within.  


I offer this mastermind for two reasons...

1. It works!

2. It has changed my life! 


I believe that living life fully is a practice. We are either engaging in this practice daily or we’re not.


This mastermind is a way to engage fully with life! 


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Let's Talk Modules

A breakdown of our first month together

Recovering a Sense of Safety

Week 1 is all about confronting and letting go of all the negative thoughts and beliefs that our inner artist has internalized as a result of external influences that have discouraged, criticized, or put down our creativity or thoughts around creativity. This could be in the form of a domineering parent, an over-critical art teacher, or a bully at school.

This is the week that we confront those old ‚Äúmonsters‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúenemies‚ÄĚ as Julia calls them, and we start the process of replacing that doubt, fear, criticism, humiliation, and sometimes even pain, with positive memories and positive affirmations. It‚Äôs not an easy process, but it‚Äôs such an important first step in the healing journey that lies ahead of us.

For me personally, I couldn’t have properly processed a lot of those blocks and negative feelings without the practice of morning pages


Recovering a Sense of Identity

This week we look at drawing new boundaries and avoiding poisonous playmates and crazymakers. Building a sense of personal identity is all about what's in the frame and what's left out. We are encouraged with self-definition as a major component of recovering our creative selves.

During this week, I was reminded of motivational speaker Jim Rohn’s famous claim that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. The people we surround ourselves with can either help us make progress or make our creative recovery even more challenging.

Cameron warns, ‚ÄėBlocked friends may find your recovery disturbing.‚Äô


Recovering a Sense of Power

This week¬†covers anger, synchronicity, shame, and dealing with criticism. Cameron begins her essay with a look at anger. She urges us to listen to anger and to use rage as a map, to translate the message that our emotions are giving us. Cameron contends that anger is a ‚Äúsign of health‚ÄĚ in the blocked artist.¬†

I love the quote ‚ÄúAnger is our friend. Not a nice friend. Not a gentle friend. But a very, very loyal friend‚Ķ It will always tell us when we have betrayed ourselves.‚ÄĚ And it will invite us to take action.

Next up is a little more depth on synchronicity, ‚ÄúAnswered prayers deliver us back to our own hand. This is not comfortable.‚ÄĚ Cameron gives us her opinion on why we‚Äôre reluctant to believe in ‚ÄúGod‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúthe universe‚ÄĚ lending a helping hand: ‚ÄúIf God, or the lack of God, is responsible for the state of the world, then we can easily wax cynical and resign ourselves to apathy.‚ÄĚ Again we are brought back to the power within ourselves to change.¬†


Recovering A Sense of Integrity 

In Week 4, Julia recommends that we all do an exercise called Reading Deprivation, which is exactly what it means - no reading for the entire week. I know it sounds crazy, but the purpose of this exercise is to free our days from all the junk that we fill it with, and fill those moments with things that replenish our wells instead. 

Julia specifically makes it a practice of depriving yourself from reading, but I think it might be helpful for us to take the exercise one step further and pinpoint the one distraction in your life that currently feels like the biggest one - the one that‚Äôs ‚Äúpoisoning your well‚ÄĚ.


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  • 12 creative and intuitive recovery modules to speed things along
  • A checklist for each week for step-by-step action¬†
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