HEY, I'M Elizabeth

holistic leadership coach, breathwork guide, and feng-shui-informed interior designer   

I really had no idea where I'd end up, but I knew it had to follow my truth...

I did all the things! I went to a great college, worked my way up the corporate ladder, got a high-paying job, maxed out my 401K, plus airline status, and even pursued what I thought was my dream job of full-time coaching within a consulting firm. This all worked until it didn’t. I found myself in an existential crisis in my mid-30s, miserable at work with golden handcuffs locked to my desk, working 6 am to 9 pm. I was stuck, burnt out, and hopeless, spending all of my bonus money on retreats like Esalen and The Chopra Center. I was desperate to find another way. My suffering at work became the catalyst for my awakening and deeper awareness to walk in my truth. All that remained was my passion for coaching and affinity to shift and move energy but in a way that supported my soul.


Believing that "this is our one wild and precious life" and that ‚Äúlife is meant to be lived out loud, on purpose and in service to others,‚ÄĚ I left everything I knew in 2021 to bravely walk away from¬†all that was not serving me. I allowed my "little girl" to explore working at different startups, going to Interior Design School, and studying Feng Shui. I¬†got certified as a breathwork facilitator and started leading retreats and spiritual workshops.¬†I followed what¬†"lit" me up and re-engaged with the creative practices like¬†The Artist Way by Julia Cameron, that I had dropped to become ‚Äúserious‚ÄĚ about my career. I slowly started feeling alive again dedicating my life to¬†these practices that resuscitated my soul, trusting my morning pages, intuition, and higher power would¬†provide. Indeed, they did.

This surrender experiment led me back to my love of supporting people to achieve their best in life, home, and business.


But on my own terms... If you’ve been following someone else's rulebook only to find yourself lost, stuck, or unhappy, I’ve been there, too. That’s why I love helping clients tune into their own inner compass, trust themselves, and cultivate self-compassion and deeper acceptance of what is, staying with whatever is most alive until it transcends. 

Everything we want is waiting on the other side of the courage to shift our energy. 

Working together, you will leave our sessions feeling deeply seen, empowered, and fully supported in all areas of your life. I’m based in Los Angeles, California, and I work with individuals anywhere via Zoom. 



The perfect



  • You want to¬†tap into your authentic truth and stop¬†living out of "shoulds"
  • Life has you curious about emotional and spiritual healing¬†modalities and you want to go deeper¬†into the mind-body and spiritual connection¬†
  • You are ready to clear your space, mind, home, and heart of clutter and stagnate energy from the past
  • You are ready to¬†tap into the potential you know you have inside
  • You BELIEVE that energy is real and¬†know that when you change your energy, you change your life - you just need help getting there!