Holistic Life Design 

A Guide to Your Personal Power and Universal Connection


Holistic  Life Design for the

Modern Creative

Reinvent what's possible by moving stuck energy in your life, home, and business. 


Hi. I'm Elizabeth! 

I love helping people live happier, more fulfilling lives that align with ancient wisdom, creativity, and their own inner knowing.


I believe there are many doors to the truth, and not everyone has the same human experience. Therefore, my personalized approach pulls on many tools, including Gestalt Psychology, Yoga Philosophy, Business Coaching, Holistic Interior Design + Feng Shui, and Creative & Intuitive Recovery, to meet each person uniquely where they are TODAY. When we shift our "inner chi" (energy) to raise awareness, our consciousness rises, and circumstances change. We start seeing our creativity and self-expression expand as the creator of our potential and possibilities. 

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Our initial step is to become aware of who we are in our space and, as a result, also in our life and business‚ÄĒto shine a light on our unconscious automatic thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and feelings. We become so conscious that nothing slips by unnoticed. Without criticizing, judging, or placing blame, we become more aware¬†of what is no longer serving us and more clear about who we become.¬†

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Ways to connect:



The Artist Way Mastermind

Find focus and clarity while rediscovering your creativity and becoming your most authentic self. This mastermind is based on Julia Cameron's book The Artist Way, and is open to everyone, artists and Non-Artists. We remember to have fun, stand in our truth, and drop judgment to find our creative flow while building a supportive community. 

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1:1 Coaching

Together, we honor and listen to your inner guidance. We will start by tuning into your environment (work, home, relationships) as our mirror to customize each coaching engagement to be as unique as you are.

As a coach, I hold the container for your "becoming," helping you towards your goals, reflecting the patterns and invisible stories, and gently challenging you‚ÄĒall in service of alignment with what is most important to you.¬†

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How I Can Help

Together, we re-design your life to become...

  • A more confident, authentic, and embodied leader¬†

  • Unshakeable with¬†challenging emotions like anxiety, anger, etc.

  • Limitless¬†in career and life transitions, whether you are calling in a new job or moving through divorce

  • Rooted in healthy relationships with yourself, family, colleagues

  • Intuitively creative with solutions, trusting of self, and being fully self-expressed¬†

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"I can't recommend working with Elizabeth enough!"

Her background in Feng Shui / energy work, interior design, and coaching uniquely qualifies her for her transformative and uniquely personalized methodology. She takes the time to really understand where you are on your journey and the areas you want to focus on, then applies thoughtful techniques to support you and your goals best. Elizabeth fosters an incredibly safe space and gives the gentle push I think we sometimes need when things need shifting (in the home and in ourselves). I am so grateful I get to work with her :) If you're curious about holistically re-designing your life, do it! You'll be so happy you did - everything changes! 

- Melissa Paakh